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  • Do you accept returns?
    I will accept returns, but only for STORE CREDIT. Clothing items switched out for smaller or larger sizes and I will cover the cost of shipping for one item for the return shipping only if you are a rewards member. However, if the item is returned and has been washed or smells of smoke or any odor other than how it left the boutique then it will be returned to the buyer at their expense if they want to keep it and they will be still be charged for the item in full. Otherwise I am happy to exchange or credit any customers account for further purchases. **The only time that any refunds will be considered is if an item arrives damaged.** I will ask for pictures so that I may file a report with the shipping carrier that was used. Thank you!
  • Do you provide private or group shopping sessions?
    Belle Isa Boutique will provide private or group sessions for an hourly rate if a minimum amount of products are purchased during the session. For further details please call or email me for further inquiries.
  • What is the minimum that you will charge for a specialized gift box?
    I generally charge the minimum amount
  • Do you accept local vendors in your boutique?
    Yes, Take a look at the vendor sign up sheet on this link. Hello, Belle Isa Boutique is now accepting local artists and vendors into her store. I will be renting out small spaces by the month and charging a small % mainly for my time, my POS system, any products that I use (bags, tissue paper, stickers, receipt paper, CC fees, etc.). The Vendor Sign Up sheet is more about what exactly what you anticipate selling and I will need a tax ID #. I will not be collecting tax under Belle Isa Boutique, but under your tax ID # which you should have if you have a business license. It would be your EIN or FEIN#. So...If you are interested in placing some of your product in my boutique please fill out the vendor sheet and I will contact you as soon as I can. Thank you, Adriana

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